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Ever living olive trees - a great addition to any place

The olive tree: The oldest olive trees are believed to be in the Mediterranean. One of the oldest and most famous olive trees in the world is on Crete. It is said to be just over 5500 years old.

The tree is located near Kolymvari. Another particularly old tree is in Vouves and is around 3500 years old. Both trees are located in the northwest of the island of Crete. A carbon anasis in 1989 confirmed the age of the olive trees.

We have specialized in the procurement of particularly old olive trees. We have trees up to an age of 2300 years.

Our customers include luxury hotels using our trees to create a highlight in their Mediterranean gardens. Our trees are planted in parks, leisure centers, botanical gardens, zoos and in exclusive outdoor restaurants.

Who doesn’t know the story of Noah, in which a bird brought him an olive branch to symbolize the proximity of the mainland?

At the ancient Olympic Games, the olive branch was the award given to the winners.

We are also able to fulfill unusual requests in terms of height, width and planting of our olive trees.

Ever living olive tree "Eilena"

In front of Thessaloniki’s favourite plaza, the Aristoteles Square

  • 1721 years old – this tree was plantet approximatley 300 BC
  • Average olive harvest (once a year): 40kg – 50kg

Ever living olive tree "Theodoros"

In the Garden Getsemani, Jerusalem, Israel. A contemporary witness from the time of Jesus Christ.

  • about 2100 years old – this tree was plantet around the year 100 BC
  • Average olive harvest (once a year): 35kg – 40kg

Ever living olive tree "Demetrius"

In front of the famous white tower of Thessaloniki

  • 1463 Jahre alt – der Baum wurde im Jahre 558 gepflanzt
  • Durchschnittliche Olivenernte: 40kg – 65kg

Ever living olive tree "Dentro"

At the riverbank of the Rhine river in Cologne, Germany. In the background you can see the famous Cologne Cathedral and the iconic Hohenzoller bridge

  • 1463 years old – this tree was planted approximately 558 BC
  • Average olive harvest (once a year): 40kg – 65kg
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